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Heavy duty vertical bed mill equipped with geared head spindle and massive hardened and ground bed ways for heavy milling 



  • The vertical column is made out of box shape high tensile strength casting reinforced with honeycombed ribbings. It offers excellent vibration dampening features and great mechanical and thermal stability.
  • The saddle and vertical head travels on hardened and ground box ways that offer maximum rigidity. All top, front, rear reference surfaces and T slots are precision ground to exact tolerance.
  • The vertical head is equipped with a #50 fixed quill spindle for heavy duty milling.
  • Besides a manual coarse and fine feed on the vertical head, it is also equipped with power feed for easy positioning. A tri-lever handle mounted in the front for easy operation performs manual rapid movement of the head.
  • A separate pendant control performs all the spindle operations, coolant and power drawbar operations .
  • The unique sliding saddle base design allows easy movement of the entire 23” of the cross travel, manually or by power.
  • The table is equipped with a double nut backlash eliminator, which adjusts the backlash on the table travel when the screw and nut start to wear out.
  • The automatic lubrication system lubes the table and saddle ways.
  • The extensive vertical head travel along with various feed rates offer capability for precise boring operations.
  • A horizontal milling head (5 HP, #50 taper) is installed on the side of the vertical column on Model KMA-3H. It travels on precision ball screw with AC servo drive.
  KMA-1 KMA-2 KMA-3 KMA-3H
Table travel (longitudinal) 39” 47" 59" 59"
Saddle travel (cross) 15” 17-11/16" 24" 24"
Spindle head travel 20” 22" 31-1/2" 31-1/2”
(Spindle nose to table top vertical) 4”-24” 4”-26” 4”-35-1/2” 4”-35-1/2”
Spindle center to column front 15” 18” 22” 22”
Horizontal head travel (up & down) na na na 25-1/2”
Dist. bet horiz.and vert head na na na 23”
Table working area 67x15” 75”x 18” 87”x 20” 87” x 20”
T-slot (Wide x No. x pitch) 0.7”x5x2-3/4” 0.7”x5x3-1/8” 0.7x5x3-9/16” 0.7”x5x3-9/16”
Table top to floor 31-1/2” 33-1/2” 33-7/8” 33-7/8”
Vertical spindle taper NST#50 NST#50 NST#50 NST#50
Horizontal spindle taper na na na NST#50
Vertical spindle speeds (rpm) 45-1,500 45-1,500 45-1,500 45-1,500
Horizontal spindle speed (rpm) na na na 40-1,450
No. of speeds (vert. and horiz) 12 12 12 12
FEED RATE        
Vertical Head (ipr) 0.002-0.008 0.002-0.008 0.002-0.008 0.002-0.008
Table and saddle feeds (ipm) 1-34 1-34 0-39 0-39
Rapid traverse (ipm) 113 113 130 130
Horizontal head down feed(ipm) na na na 0 - 39
Horizontal head rapid down (ipm) na na na 150
No. of feeds (steps) 12 12 variable variable
Vertical spindle (HP) 10 P 15 HP 20 HP 20 HP
Horizontal spindle (HP) na na na 5 HP
Table and saddle feed (HP) 1 HP 2 HP 2-1/2 HP 2-1/2 HP
Horizontal head feed na na na Servo
Coolant (HP) 1/8 HP 1/8 HP 1/8 HP 1/8 HP
Machine height 87" 103" 113" 115"
Floor space (l x w) 126” x 79” 150” x 88” 175” x 100” 175” x 100”
Net weight (approx) (lbs) 9,000 11,500 15,000 18,000



  • Coolant system
  • Auto lube system
  • 4 way toggle control of table (KMA-2, KMA-3, KMA-3H)
  • Pneumatic power locks on spindle, table and saddle (KMA-3, KMA-3H)
  • Variable speed feed rate on table and saddle (KMA-3, KMA-3H)
  • Auto lube on vertical slide ways (KMA-3, KMA-3H)
  • 5 HP horizontal head, #50 taper spindle (KMA-3H)
  • Ball screw and AC servo drive on horizontal head (KMA-3H)
  • Tools and Tool Box (1 set) 
  • Leveling blocks. (6 pcs, KMA-3, 8 pcs) 
  • Leveling bolts and nuts. (6 sets, KMA-3 8 pcs) 
  • Draw-in bolt. (1 pcs) 
  • Forward and reverse spindle control (KMA-2 & KMA-3)



  • Digital read out
  • Halogen work light 
  • Power draw bar 
  • Spindle speed (60-1800 rpm) (KMA-3) 

Please contact our parts department at 310-370-5990.

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