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These vertical knee mills are equipped with vari-speed drive, available with optional digital vari-speed. The dove tail ways chromed, and the box ways are hardened and ground.  

  • To dissipate heat in the 3 HP motor driven head, a pair of high output fans is installed. This allows the machine to work demanding jobs for extended periods without damaging the motor, belts and bearings. A unique SHARP feature.
  • The motor shaft and Vari Drive pulleys are dynamically balanced, then hard-chromed. This allows a vibration free milling even at high speed
  • Since the Vari-speed drive system is operated by sliding the Vari Drive pulley up and down the motor shaft. The motor shaft is therefore chrome-plated, and has an oil channel that is fed by a grease fitting on the lower end for self-lubricating purpose. This ensures the sliding motion is trouble free at all times. A unique SHARP feature.
  • The motor shaft that drives the pulley and the spindle is subject to a lot of lateral stress. A roller bearing is installed for the lower support of the motor shaft. A unique SHARP feature.
  • Beside swiveling 90 degree side to side, the head can also swivel up and down by virtue of a knuckle joint design. The new design developed by Sharp uses 6 bolts, 3 each side, that fitted into a circular T-slot milled at the inside of the over arm and secured by nuts from the outside. It secured the head tightly and offered high accuracy in milling operations.
  • A matched pair of super-precision ABEC-7 angular contact bearings supports the spindle. The quill is CNC-ground to a mirror finish, and then chromed to fit the housing. Together, they insure spindle run out of no more than 0.0004” TIR- the best in the industry.
Column, Table and Knee  
  • Hardened and ground box ways on column and saddle.
  • Turcite coated slideways for better resistance to wear and retention of lube oil.
  • Certified MEEHANITE castings are used for superior rigidity and better dampening of vibrations.
  • Table and saddle backlash is controlled by a double-nut design that keeps the feed screw in contact with a pair of bronze nut at all times. A unique SHARP feature.
  • Hardened leadscrews on table and saddle for better resistance to wear.
  • The end of the table and saddle are mounted with thrust bearings that pre-load the feed screw, eliminating endplay for precisely controlled lateral movement.
  • Instead of hand scraping the top of the knee ways for oil retention, the matching underside of the saddle is hand-scraped. This extra step avoids having chips and dirt embedded in the knee ways and damages the sliding area.


  • "Bridgeport-style" mill
Why DVS head?  
  • High reliability with fewer moving parts than regular vari speed head
  • Dynamic brake
  • Low voltage control
  • Large Digital rpm display
  • Fully enclosed display unit
  • Dependable Inverter Drive System
  • Machine can run on single phase or 3 phase electricity
  • Safety device prevents machine from self starting after power failure or after emergency stop being pushed
Working surface 10”x 54"
T-slot number, size 3, 5/8"
Table travel (X-axis) 35"
Saddle travel (Y-axis) 16.3"
Ram travel 18.5"
Quill travel (Z-axis) 5"
Knee travel 15.3"
Throat distance (min-max) 9.8” - 28.3"
Spindle gage line to table top 1.6”- 16.9"
Motor 3 HP
Wiring voltage 220V / 440V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz
Taper R-8
Speed (vari-speed) 60-4,500 RPM
Quill feed (IPR) 0.0015, 0.003, and 0.005
Spindle Accuracy 0.0002" TIR
Head tilt; right to left (each way) 90º
Head tilt; up-and-down (each way) 45º
Floor area (w x d) 70" x 75"'
Height 88"
Net weight (lbs; approximately) 3,000


  • Hardened and ground box ways
  • Draw bar 
  • Front and rear way cover 
  • One-shot lube system 
  • Toolbox with tools


  • Digital Variable Speed (DVS) Head 
  • Power feed system on table, saddle & knee 
  • Power draw bar 
  • Riser block (4" or 7") 
  • Right angle milling attachment 
  • Coolant system with chip pan 
  • Milling vise
  • Clamping kit 
  • Halogen work light 
  • R-8 Collets 

Please contact our parts department at 310-370-5990.

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